The VisionMonitor Advantage

iRis Foundation

iRis (Intelligent Risk Information System) Foundation is a software solution that sits independently from your day to day solutions, with a focus to promote and encourage performance and safety. It highlights trends and emerging risks, identifies areas of improvement, and allows decisions to be made on fact versus assumptions. This in turn enables you to actively measure the effectiveness of the operation and SMS. By monitoring ongoing performance metrics, iRis Foundation serves to create efficiency in the workplace, contributes to loss reduction, and thereby helps to facilitate improving profits. The solution is easy to set up and depending on your appetite for improvement information can be entered daily, weekly or monthly. iRis Foundation will measure performance, deviations and track corrections, clearly displaying a rolling 30 day oversight and presenting historical data over time.

Operational Insight

We define Operational Insight as a degree of awareness of the consequences of the operational decisions made within an organisation. Human operational experience combined with knowledge of the risks, opportunities and anticipated outcomes of decisions determine the level of Operational Insight existing within an organisation. VisionMonitor currently provides technology solutions which contribute to delivering the knowledge of emerging risks and anticipated outcomes to the decision makers. We have recently partnered with experts in Human Systems and Human Behaviour to complement and enrich the VisionMonitor solutions, the product of which is an ongoing service offering consisting of continuous interaction between technology and human systems. The more VisionMonitor iRis is used the more content rich and intelligent it becomes.

Proactive Management

VisionMonitor iRis - Intelligent Risk Information System, lets you break down information silos and continuously analyse operations in real-time. Real-time performance monitoring is a unique innovation that will allow your organisation to move from a reactive to a proactive mode of operation and quickly adapt in a dynamically changing environment. For our clients, this provides information on trends and emerging risks to the organisation. VisionMonitor then becomes a “finger on the pulse of operations” giving you data from the frontline to drive change. When high risk trends or issues are identified, the system immediately notifies accountable managers with accurate information in time to make informed decisions. Ultimately, VisionMonitor converts raw data to actionable risk information, that means operators, employees, and management can control and manage emerging risks.


Operational Clarity is Possible

VisionMonitor is not one size fits all. Our solutions are customisable. Imagine flexible technology solutions that fit your organisation’s specific management needs. Contact us today to discuss the VisionMonitor Advantage.

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Eliminate Data Silos

Data Visualisation and Reporting

VisionMonitor provides a variety of methods to visualise data collected and calculated within the system. Users can easily navigate the information from high level views down to detailed reports to drill into information. As you interact with visual representations of data you can see the impact of decisions and controls on the organisation.

Data Aggregation

We have configured multiple areas of operation in the system for monitoring. VisionMonitor organises the information in a defined hierarchy from an overview at the corporate level down to the details of each area of operations. This flexible information structure allows the system to grow and reorganise the configuration as your needs change.


Perform With Intelligent Technology

We monitor every area of operations using sophisticated analysis and reporting, to ensure your business performance management is in line with operational targets. Control outliers with KPIs and risk mitigation workflows, and deliver timely information to each area of operations.


Impact the heart of business

What does it take to achieve success in your business? Plan your budgets and target for performance, and then make sure the organisation is reaching its goals. Whether financial, HSSE, or strategic, VisionMonitor is the finger on the pulse of your business.


The Office or in the Cloud

VisionMonitor delivers iRis as a cloud system within your own network. We provide a combination of technology services which enhance the intelligence of the solution. The more data and information iRis collects, the more valuable and relevant the information becomes.