Solutions and Configurations

iRis Foundation

iRis (Intelligent Risk Information System) Foundation is a software solution that sits independently from your day to day solutions, with a focus to promote and encourage performance and safety. It highlights trends and emerging risks, identifies areas of improvement, and allows decisions to be made on fact versus assumptions. This in turn enables you to actively measure the effectiveness of the operation and SMS. By monitoring ongoing performance metrics, iRis Foundation serves to create efficiency in the workplace, contributes to loss reduction, and thereby helps to facilitate improving profits. The solution is easy to set up and depending on your appetite for improvement information can be entered daily, weekly or monthly. iRis Foundation will measure performance, deviations and track corrections, clearly displaying a rolling 30 day oversight and presenting historical data over time.
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VisionMonitor offers a variety of product solutions. Our solutions are specific configurations of the VisionMonitor iRis Intelligent Risk Information System product designed to meet your specific needs.

Safety Monitoring, Operational Monitoring and
Risk Mitigation workflows
for commercial airlines, medical, and rotary wing organizations.


Tracking Revenue, EBIT, OPEX, CAPEX and
operational risk


Operational monitoring, financial monitoring as well as
risk mitigation


HSSE solutions, environmental and operational monitoring as well as
corrective action workflows

VisionMonitor iRis solutions bridge the gaps of integration, collaboration, latency, and context to provide an interconnected approach to performance management with operational intelligence as an integral part. Our solutions will aggregate, monitor, and analyse information from a large number of sources throughout your organisation to deliver real-time data and information. Our solutions reach out and poll your various systems to collect, process, and transform raw information into active knowledge.

The ultimate goal of any management system is to control and continuously improve performance by aligning resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives. This alignment links strategies, goals, and knowledge across your organisation while aiming it into the future. Combining this alignment with a VisionMonitor Performance Management Solution helps steer the course to success. Information is analysed and transformed into views that are easily understood by end users. Contact a VisionMonitor Solutions Specialist today to learn more about innovative industry leading solutions for data visualisation and risk management.