Industry Footprint


We offer a variety of aviation solutions for commercial airlines and other aviation companies to promote safety intelligence, including real-time monitoring of the Safety Management System, Risk Management, Operations Management, and performance dashboards.


Our origins are in the energy industry including electric utilities, petrochemical companies, refineries, and a variety of upstream, midstream, and downstream operations for EHS and operational performance.


VisionMonitor offers unique solutions in textile maintenance services and other service industries for financial performance metrics as well as organizational risk. Performance dashboards are a standard and that means you get drill down detailed analysis.


VisionMonitor aggregates information into a performance dashboard serving as an oversight mechanism to the organisation. KPIs, reports, trends, and detailed analysis capabilities are standard so you get a constant view of performance..

VisionMonitor solutions bridge the gaps of integration, collaboration, latency, and context to give you an interconnected approach to performance management with operational intelligence as an integral part. These solutions allow you to aggregate, monitor, and analyse information coming from a large number of sources throughout your organisation to deliver real-time data and information. Our solutions reach out and poll the various systems you already have in place across your organisation to collect, process, and transform raw information into active knowledge.

The ultimate goal of any management system is to control and continuously improve performance by aligning resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives. This alignment links strategies, goals, and knowledge across your organisation while aiming it into the future. Combining this alignment with a VisionMonitor Performance Management Solution helps steer the course to success. Our solution allows you to analyse and transform Information into views you can easily understand. Contact a VisionMonitor Solutions Specialist today to learn more about innovative industry leading solutions for data visualisation and risk management.