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VisionMonitor (VM) Software, LLC, was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. VM originally provided energy companies with enterprise wide software solutions to manage their environmental performance. We have since expanded into Aerospace, Transportation, and other global sectors with the support of leading sectors experts and international companies. Working with some of the top leading companies in their sectors, VM solutions has developed unique capabilities in collecting and managing data from multiple disparate data sources. Our clients are now better informed and better equipped to maintain the alignment between business objectives and operational performance.


Since 2010, VisionMonitor has worked with leading European companies, Universities, Human Factors and Data Management experts in EU funded studies to define and deliver next generation Operational Risk Management Systems. In an era of continuously changing environments, these management systems and software help companies survive industry paradigm shifts through innovative and proactive knowledge management. We will continue to evolve our technology so we can provide intelligent risk management tools to our clients. Our latest product, iRis, is an Intelligent Risk Information System and is the next step in our journey.


VisionMonitor Software utilizes a proprietary project delivery methodology we call Visionabling™. It’s a process applied for iterative implementation and deployment and we offer it as a solution with speed of deployment in mind.

The Visionabling™ process comprises our software implementation life cycle methodology. Derived from the best practices of industry leading methodologies such as Agile and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) this proven methodology defines the overall vision and scope for a project, creates and tests a prototype that addresses your objectives, and refines the final solution with an iterative Agile approach, That means on-time and on budget deployment.