VisionMonitor iRis - Intelligent Risk Information System

VisionMonitor iRis is not merely a collection of techniques,
but rather a philosophical approach to dissecting, organising and interpreting data.
Our Foundation solution allows for rapid deployment.

Enterprise Wide Performance Management

VisionMonitor Software provides technology that helps
your organisation gain visibility into your operations and emerging risks.

From Data to Knowledge

VisionMonitor solutions use a variety of tools
to analyse, visualise and formulate new hypotheses from data.


Define desired parameters for Limits, Targets, Budgets, and Goals



Actively track KPIs, Trends, Data Correlations, Data Anomalies and Alerts



Eliminate data silos so you can keep an eye on multiple operations



Complete workflows to mitigate emerging risks to your organisation


Advancing Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry.
We partner with our clients to ensure you achieve your business objectives.

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Remove the uncertainty in business by establishing a culture of measuring and monitoring performance.

Honestly assess today's performance, compare that performance to a vision and a plan, and move closer to defined goals with continual improvement.

iRis Foundation

Cloud based solutions for rapid deployment


Our proprietary deployment methods have you up and running with rapid configuration

Data Analysis

We give you the tools and techniques to understand your data

Business Intelligence

Focused BI provides your organization with rich operational insight

Cloud or Network

We deploy Solutions in the cloud or on the local network

Data Visualisation

We use the latest graphical advances to display information

Breaking Down Information Silos

You’ll be able to collect from multiple sources and very quickly transform data into knowledge

Measure Performance

We allow you to assess ongoing business performance as a key part of strategic planning


Assess and control any new threats to success

Enable a Vision

With continued improvement, your business will move closer to its goals

Our Vision


VisionMonitor was originally developed to measure the performance of a company’s Safety Management System (SMS). Since that time we have been on a mission to further develop tools and services to closely link the Human Systems and Technological systems so that Human judgement can be based on sound knowledge derived from a variety of relevant data sources and detailed data validation and analysis. The result is a flow of information across the various data silos and systems within an organisation providing timely active knowledge to decision makers at all levels.

Operational Insight

We define Operational Insight as a degree of awareness of the consequences of the operational decisions we are making within an organisation. Human operational experience combined with knowledge of the risks, opportunities and anticipated outcomes of decisions determine the level of Operational Insight existing within an organisation. VisionMonitor currently provides technology solutions that help deliver to the decision makers the knowledge of emerging risks and anticipated outcomes. The more you use the VM solution the more content rich and intelligent it becomes.



A Trusted Partner

VisionMonitor has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for our clients around the world. We are proud of the uncompromising quality of services and technology we provide, and we put our customers' needs first in everything we do.



Development and Academic Projects

VisionMonitor engages in ongoing research and product development to continually provide leading edge technology solutions to our clients. For example, we recently played a key role in the Prospero Project coordinated by Trinity College Dublin, based in Ireland.




VisionMonitor Software uses what we call Visionabling ™, a proprietary project delivery methodology. It’s a process that is applied for iterative implementation and deployment; a solution with speed in mind. Get in touch to learn more.